Saturday, May 31, 2008

Packing: Part One

Last time I moved I had several months to accumulate boxes and stash my stuff. This time's a little different. VCS (Vienna Christian School) sends a container every year during the summer that I can send some of my stuff on. Of course a couch and bed might be nice, but a little difficult to get to New Jersey. Since the container doesn't get to Austria until the middle to end of August, I'll arrive there before anything that I send does. So I've been racking my brain trying to thing of what to take that I don't need for the next few weeks. So I've accumulated a few things...winter clothes, scrapbooking materials, books, a few toiletries... Initally the challenge seems to be figure out how to get it all into the boxes.

But apparently it turns out that the real challenge is to keep my gatos out of the clean clothes.

Eventually it's all there...except maybe a few odds and ends I can think to add before I send them off.


Traci said...

Way to go with the packing! Soooo fun... Do they have an Ikea in Vienna? It's our best friend here! :-)

Melissa said...

They do have an IKEA. I'm sure we'll be good friends too since I have to get all my furniture there. Fun tidbit: Apparently it's one of the few places in the city that gives free refills on soda...another reason why IKEA is so great.

Jill said...

So Melissa, I think I missed something. When do you go to New Jersey? How long are you there before you go to Vienna?
The gatos are cute. Is your mom watching them?

Melissa said...

No...I'm not going to New Jersey. That is where the container leaves for Austria and where I am sending some stuff ahead.

As for the gatos, I'm really hoping to take them with me. It's not too difficult to take them unless my landlord doesn't allow them. If I can't, they'll just stay with my sisters.