Monday, March 4, 2013


If today wasn't the day that it is, I would consider this list of things justification for declaring my day rotten:

-coffee that tasted like dish soap - twice
-A night that consisted of approximately 3 hours of sleep
     -2 short naps squished onto the length of two chairs
     -an hour of "real" rest interrupted by lonely kitties
-arriving at school only to find that I needed to write sub plans for a teacher who called in sick last minute
-almost getting the side of my car smashed into by a truck and his trailer
-accidentally choosing, in my sleep deprived stupor, to wear a pair of pants my mom's cat had poo'd on the week before

A rotten day...if today wasn't the day that my sweet sister is finishing 25 hours of labor and a c-section before she can meet her little girl.

Definitely makes my day seem merely harmless.