Monday, June 4, 2012

Some Statistics

Because I love numbers and because I'm nerdy and because I'm fastidious, I kept some statistics this past year while subbing.

*I worked 111.5 days out of the 138 that I was eligible - 80%
*Aside from the two months of long term subbing, I had the highest percentage in January and the lowest in November, although I worked the most days in October and the least in December.

Once I had my long term gig, I started keeping records of commute times.

*Overall average commute:  26.85 minutes
*Longest trip:  34 minutes
*Shortest trip:  23 minutes       -on successive days
*I found that Route C was faster by an average of 1.5 minutes.
*Wednesdays was generally took the longest - two minutes longer than the average
*Fridays was the quickest - two minutes faster than the average

*I made it to school before my favorite teaching pal 64% of the days I was at P.

If you want to see the actual statistics, you may do so here.

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