Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Since we're living towards the outside of the city for a while, there are a few options for getting home.  The other night after a delightful evening of friends and ballet, Whitney and I decided to try taking the schnellbahn to our borrowed apartment.  All went according to plan as we boarded the train and disembarked at the appropriate station.  For the last leg of the journey we decided to walk the short distance to our end stop instead of wait twelve minutes under a sketchy underpass for the strassenbahn.  We confidently set off, chatting about school, chapel and whatever else occupies an evening conversation.  After walking for a good ten to fifteen minutes we happen upon a strassenbahn station.  Slightly confused we checked the schedule and found that we had blithely traipsed in the opposite direction of our destination.  In our oblivion we had even passed two or three stops without noticing!  So we crossed the tracks to the other side and laughed our way home as we passed the exact shops and restaurants we had just walked by.  In the time it actually took us to get home, we could have checked email, readied for bed and been sound asleep.  C'est la vie.  We'll know better next time.

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