Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twenty Four Hours of Sunlight

Some observations on my trip back to the States after a year away.

*you can get a lot of reading done in that time...nearly 500 pages.
*your ears eventually get tired of holding earphones.
*somehow stinky American feet in an airplane is worse than European body odor in the subway.
*one can eat 1 breakfast and 3 lunches and still be starving at sunset.
*I can't imagine how out of place the cute immigrating family from southeast Asia must feel in O'Hare.
*you're not supposed to lug your luggage to your flight checkin after customs...there's a place to put it.
*you can't help but rather disgustedly eavesdrop on every English conversation you hear, and are strangely comforted by the 2 families that speak German.
*why is it you have an aisle seat when you don't need the bathroom, but a window seat when you think you might?
*ordering at McDonalds is amazingly easy in English.
*the stewardesses are polite in Europe and friendly in the US.
*you feel slightly treasonous putting your residence as US on the customs card, but feel that it will simplify matters to do so.
*after 24 hours of sitting there is no comfortable position.
*In-N-Out as your fifth meal of the day is perfect.
*leaving home to go home is weird.
*the sunset on the plane is almost as nice as on the beach.


Traci said...

In-In-Out... oh yeah! sore bum..yep... I'm right there with you on all counts! :-)

leslie.kidd said...

I love these! Several made me laugh out loud, the German conversation one, stinky feet, service here in the States vs. in Europe and I hate how ears get tired of the earphones! SO SAD! lol