Saturday, May 2, 2009

Melk Abbey & Dürnstein

Saturday a bunch of us girls went to Melk Abbey & Dürnstein an hour or so outside of Vienna.

Melk Abbey is a former monastary that now houses a much smaller 
monastary, a school, a library, of course the church, and a museum.

There were also gardens with paths to walk.

Dürnstein is a small town with a castle at the top. I chose not to climb the hill, but the girls that went said it was cool. Instead we wandered around the town and ended up in a cafe. Surprised?

As always an enjoyable day traveling with friends.  

For more pictures see my shutterfly website.  


Brad & Stacey said...

Lovely photos!

fav.a jackie said...

This picture reminded me of our area, the "D" hill with vines growing. I bet it is much more green and lush there.