Saturday, April 11, 2009

Four Days in Berlin

Monday, April 6
-Night Bus

Tuesday, April 7
-Coffee with a couple of guys who helped us buy transportation tickets
-Tour de Frank - a guy Sara knew
  -Vietnamese Lunch
  -The Wall

  -Cafe #1
  -Cafe #2
  -Lebanese Dinner

Wednesday, April 8
-Milly's Cafe
-Walking from Alexander Platz to Brandenburg Tor
-Cafe "C"

Thursday, April 8
-Cafe Rocco
-Boat tour

-Balzac Coffee
-Italian Dinner

Friday, April 9
-Coffee @ Circus Hostel
-Kebap Lunch
-Nap along the canal
-Wohnzimmer Cafe
-Night Bus Home to Vienna

Notice a theme?

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1 comment:

Cassandra Rollins said...

I feel like I would have a grand ole time visiting ALL of those cafes!!! Thank heaven for coffee:)