Monday, March 23, 2009


For some reason tacos came up as a topic of coversation in my class last week.  Most of my kids had never heard of them (poor kids!) except for Eli.  She loves to talk about anything from America so she proceeded to tell us about tacos.

"They have a round thing.  Like a pancake."

"What do you put on them?"

"Um.  I forget the word.  Carne?"

"What else?"

"Salad...We went to Taco Bell and got them!"

Apparently she's missing out too!


fav.a. jackie said...

I feel sorry for these students, too. Imagine life without tacos, my favorite food, (besides choc. chip cookies)? Now they're educated. Maybe you should make them a real taco.

Traci said...

ooooo tacos sound good right now... want to come over and make some for me???

Melissa said...


Anonymous said...

I love tacos! Mmmmmmmm...They are good! Have to agree with your Aunt Jackie...You should make them for those kid's. A life without sad.

Vanessa K.