Friday, March 27, 2009

I think I just got a proposal

Whitney and I decided to go to the local kebap stand for lunch today.  While preparing our food, the guy asked where we were from.  A couple of minutes and other topics later he asked if I was Latina.  Since it's not often that anyone recognizes my heritage nonetheless a man halfway across the world from Latin America, we were quite impressed.  I had to explain that my mom is of German descent as a reason for my low tolerance of spice.  To which we think he responded with sometime along the lines of, "Your mom is German, your dad is Latino, you live in Austria, marry me and we'll will be a crossculture team!"

Not only did someone accurately assess my ethnicity, but he also proposed!  What a day!


fav. a jackie said...

Hi Melissa. I want to know who this guy is before you say yes. He's got to be really special if he gets you.

Anonymous said...

That's way cool! Does he own a jet?
Vanessa K.