Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"I tricked you!"

A couple of weeks ago one of my boys informed me that he had two loose teeth.  I very seriously told him that if it came out in class to tell me and we would make a special envelope to ensure that it was safe and then he could take it home to his family (loosing teeth is a big deal in Kindergarten).  So when he interrupted our story at the end of the day exclaiming that his tooth had come out we all gathered around to see.  He was a little shy and wouldn't show us, but when I folded a piece of paper into a pouch he dropped his tooth into the paper and I stapled it shut.  We continued about our business of ending the day and about ten minutes later he gleefully informed me that he'd tricked me.  He'd found a little rock and that was what he'd deposited into the pouch.  No wonder he didn't want to show us; there was no hole!

The irony is that the next morning one of his teeth did fall out and we didn't believe him.  It was only at the sight of blood and a real tooth that he recieved the proper attention.

What a great kid!

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