Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving @ Sandi Joy & Liz's

This Thanksgiving I was invited to spend the day with Sandi Joy and Liz, two teachers at VCS.  They prepared much of the meal and invited several of us from the school to join them.  Below you'll see a picture of our "turkey."  Upon carving the bird and coversing with family, they informed us later that it was most likely a duck that we ate.

Here we are right before digging in.

After we ate we took some time to share things we are thankful for and what we are trusting God for in the next year.  A few tears around the table, but what else can you expect from a room full of women?  Our evening even included a thanksgiving story, read to us by Liz.

Once our food had settled a bit we took the U-bahn to Karlsplatz and walked around the Christkindlmarkt for a while.  

Then on to RheaAnne's for dessert and games.  A fun, full Thanksgiving.

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