Friday, December 19, 2008

Advent Candles the Pyro Way

We're quite fond of large tealights in our apartment, in fact we burn them most nights...Whitney claims it helps one sleep better.  At any rate, there's always a couple of millimeters of wax wasted at the end.  I thought it would be a great idea to melt the wax and pour it into another tealight; the wicks are long enough.  I proceeded to place two candles on our electric stove and when the wax started melting I congratulated myself on a brilliant plan.  Little did I know...

I left the kitchen for a moment and when I looked back to my surprise I saw the wax had spontaneously ignited and there were flames on my stovetop!  After knocking the candles off the stove (electricity and fire seemed dangerous to me) with a towel that may or may not have briefly caught on fire (I can't remember) and spilling hot wax all over, I decided that water might be an effective solution.  I can't remember if this was the point where I took a minute to open windows and send a quick email to the sister I was chatting with, or it was after the water caused a higher flame and a puff of smoke that I mentioned I had a minor emergency.  Since the water didn't seem to be the greatest solution I figured I'd just let the flame burn out.  It couldn't last that long, there wasn't that much wax.  I was thinking maybe I could clean it all up and conveniently forget to mention this diaster to anyone, but the wax I left burning caused a huge blister in my countertop and a couple of burn marks on the type countertop one usually find in apartments...Oops.

Like Whitney said...there goes backup plan:  Recycled Candles by Montoya

If only I had had the presence of mind to take a picture while it was burning!

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Cassandra Rollins said...

That is so FUNNY! I know that those are crazy, yet memorable adventures that make life interesting and not boring.