Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our U.N. Trip

Today my class and Miss Schreffler's class had the opportunity to visit and sing at the United Nations building here in Vienna.  One of my student's mothers organized an event to help disabled children in other countries.  We were asked to sing/recite for part of the awareness program.  The program itself was held in the rotunda, the main entrance of the complex, that was filled with flags from many countries.  

Before performing we walked around and saw the rotunda from above and some important meeting rooms.  

The actual singing and reciting went well on the part of the kids.  Apparently we were only supposed to do our song at first and our poem later, but I didn't know that so we did it all at once.  Oops.  

Then I had about half an hour to practice my mean teacher looks before we were able to go visit the space center.  The students received stickers and were reminded that the space center is in the UN because outer space belongs to everyone, not just the individual countries who have sent people into space.

We even got matching t-shirts.  Isn't that a great shade of yellow?

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