Friday, October 24, 2008

The Saga Concludes

I woke up this morning with hope and confidence in the speedy resolution to my box problem.  Surely there has been enough drama already, right?  Well...not quite.  My friend Cindi graciously agreed to help me pick up the boxes.  We cheerfully drove a couple streets over to Taborstrasse 95 and eventually found a likely looking building.  Only to find that not only was it obviously not the right place, the gentleman wasn't able to tell us where to go.  At this point we called Whitney for the contact name and number and attempted to chat with Werner.  He of course only knew German, so we (Cindi) didn't get too far.  So I called Leslie and asked if she would call Werner and she reported that we were in the wrong place and that we were supposed to be on Ladestrasse at Westbahnhof.  We were quite confused so called the school to ask our Austrian affairs secretary to call Werner and get better directions.  We then returned to my apartment to try and use the internet as a source of correct information.  We found that we were probably in the right place, just didn't quite find it.  We (Whitney included this time) drove back to the train yard to search again.  We drove up and down a few rows when Geraldine was finally able to get in contact with us and give us more specific directions.  Finally we saw the building, Werner had the paperwork ready to sign, some young buck threw the boxes into the van and we were off!  Yay!!!!!!!

Where they landed at first because we had to go to school.

A close up of the condition.  They're pretty beat up and filthy.

The casualties:  pot, windchime, hair clip, Grandma's stationary box :(

The windchime was my pleasant surprise...I'd forgotten I'd packed it.

Now...I've got the mess to deal with...might just procrastinate and watch TV instead...gotta keep up with The Office.

I'm so glad to have my boxes.  AND...there's no charge!  I think since it was their fault they were rejected in the first place they covered all the fees.  So it turns out that it was cheaper to wait 2+ months instead of getting them on the container.  God is good!

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Traci said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! I'm so happy for you!