Thursday, September 25, 2008

My first Bible Lesson for Chapel

I figured since I had some experience speaking in the children's program of BSF, I would/should volunteer to speak in our weekly elementary chapel services.  I even get to do it with a partner and only have to speak every other week.  Today was my first attempt.   I think it went fairly well.  The topic...II Samuel.  How does one cram the last 40 years of David's life into 20 minutes on a level that must be understood by kindergarten and 5th grade?  Well...honestly I mostly geared it to the older kids...I knew my kids weren't going to get much unless I pulled out the flannel boards and I knew the older kids wouldn't go for that.  

But I must say, BSF spoiled me with those premade outlines...the most time consuming part was breaking the material down into three main points with three sub points.  I'll admit that I slacked off on the principle area...I will definitely make a point to do better next time.  But once I had the outline ready, the rest was a snap.  I had those application questions on the tip of my tongue and the conclusion and finally the introduction were a breeze.  Even the actual presentation went fairly well...I went over a couple of minutes....GASP...I know.  And I wish I could have included the younger children better...but a good first attempt.  

FYI...My aim:  To cause the students to learn that in any life situation, victory or disobedience, one should praise God.

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