Monday, September 8, 2008

Bratislava, Slovakia

On Saturday a van-full of us made a trip to Bratislava, Slovakia for a medieval festival. There were a few shops and some reenactments. Apparently there has been more excitement in the past, but it was fun. And great to be able to see another European city.

This is the main square of Bratislava.
Whitney and Leslie cuddling with a statue.
And interesting building I saw on the way to the castle. I didn't take any pictures of the castle because when we got there I was too close and then my camera battery died. Someone forgot to plan ahead! Good thing everyone has digital these days...maybe someday I can post more.
Once at the castle we were able to follow the procession down the mountain to the main square where the reenactment of the coronation too place. Many of the Hapsburgs were crowned in Bratislava over the years.

All in all, a fun day. We also got to see demonstrations of the warfare during the 30 years war. Interesting...

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