Monday, August 11, 2008

Vienna Orientation

Monday-Thursday 9:00am-12:00pm

We’ve covered topics such as:
-Visa forms for Austria
-Internet, cable and cell phones
-Rental Contracts/Renter’s Insurance
-Registering with the American Embassy
-Which option for transferring cash from the US to our Austrian Bank Account has the least amount of fees
-Opening an Austrian Bank Account

There’s always a great snack (the yogurt here is amazing!) and sometimes extra time to spend on the internet :)

First Week Activities After Orientation

-Many trips to IKEA to buy and browse
-Lunch at the deli in the EuroSpar across the street
-Kebaps from the vendor on the other corner
-Rental Contract Signing Meetings (who knew one meeting could last three hours!!)
-Independent -trips to the Hofer (pronounced [as near as I can tell] hoe-fuh)

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