Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Traveling = Waiting

Phase One: Tom Bradley International Terminal

Phase Two: Terminal Seven-United Air Apparently even though my tickets were through Lufthansa, I was flying a United plane and the international terminal wasn’t the place for me…oops…I ended up getting a luggage cart after all.Checking in turned out to be a hassle. They still thought I was bringing my cats so it took about ten minutes to get checked in…after I had waited half an hour in the line.

Phase Three: Waiting at the Gate

Phase Four: Flying to London – 10 hours 30 minutes – Arriving 8:30ish London time Phase Five: Waiting at Terminal 2 in Heathrow I learned my lesson from LAX and found Austrian Airlines in Terminal Two. I wasn’t sure where to wait so I just found a flight to Vienna leaving @ 9:40. Too bad mine wasn’t until 12:55.

Phase Six: Waiting in Terminal Two Departure Lounge

Guess I wasn’t allowed to be waiting at the gate and needed to wait at the lounge to find out where my plane was departing. Of course I was too exhausted/antsy to read and just waited and waited. Finally, 25 minutes before my flight was scheduled to leave I found out which gate to go to.

Phase Seven: Waiting at the Gate

Phase Eight: Flying to Vienna – 2 hours?? – Arriving 4:30ish Vienna time
I don’t remember much about this flight. I woke up to eat and was OUT.

Phase Nine: All my luggage arrived!

Phase Ten: I found Ron!! We load up my stuff and head to the school.

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