Monday, June 23, 2008


So my favorite thing about upstate New York is how green it is. I'm amazed everyday (all 2 of them-but it seems so much longer) how lush the land is. It's so refreshing for my California eyes that are used to brown, brown, brown. I even saw a path that was covered with grass. One would never see a dirt path with grass in Southern California! Logically I know that this is due to the fact that NY gets more rain than CA...but it's so weird to see. It's crazy to look out the window at dinner and see the rain falling steadily and the sun shining brightly. It's even stranger to walk into a store with some clouds and then to hear the rain pounding on the roof a half an hour later. Who knew something like this was possible?!

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fav. aunt Jackie said...

It looks beautiful there. Do you have any free time to wander around? Is it cold there? We could use some of that rain in California. Thanks for keeping us posted on your adventure.