Monday, June 30, 2008


This whole raising support thing continues to really be an adventure. Before leaving for PFO I carefully didn't entertain many thoughts about how I was going to go about raising all my support. But being here has been an opportunity to see God work in the area of my budget. I have continued to almost daily receive more commitments (THANKS!). He's even provided by lowering my budget and therefore raising the percentage that I have "in the bank." But most of all I've enjoyed the general sense of peace that has come over me the last couple of days. One could attribute it to the increased confidence as I come closer to my goal. One could attribute it to being with my fellow future VCS teachers since they're in the same boat. One could attribute it to many sources I'm sure... but I choose to attribute it to a loving God who knew I needed a break. Even though I've had a couple of decisions that were "no", there is an overriding sense of peace. Doubt is under there and I'm sure it will pop up in future days, but He is enabling me to trust Him and not worry. Remember Romans 11:36--I can't but attribute it to Him.

It's not over yet feel free to keep praying!!!

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f. aunt jackie said...

Isn't it great how God gives us peace when things look impossible. I guess that is where faith comes in. He has never let us down yet. He is teaching you alot by you having to wait on Him. It is also strengthening our faith watching you and Him in this journey together. Sometimes He seems to wait until time seems to be up for the answers to appear. But, He is never late, only perfect.