Saturday, June 21, 2008

Deja vu

I left yesterday/today for my pre-field orientation at Houghton College in New York. The trip was a saga in itself. Taking off at midnight, arriving in Buffalo at 11:30...kind of weird. It feel strangely familiar being back on a college campus. Meeting new people, eating cafeteria food (trying to decide what might be the healthiest choice, but really just wanting the pizza), having a new roommate, sharing a bathroom with 3 other girls... Not bad, I just never thought I'd find myself in such a place again. Of course the real fun begins tomorrow @ 3:00pm...session after session...I'm sure that will remind me of college in different ways. But my roommates are asleep and I'm off to try to do the same...although my body and computer still say it's not even 7:00pm yet...we'll see how that works.

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Traci said...

New college roommates!? Remember the day we moved in to Alpha? Oh, the days... We learned a lot from each other. You taught me how to balance my checkbook and I taught you how to procrastinate! Both skills that have served us well over the last 10 years! :-) Have fun!